The Curved Ceiling Appeal

Whether extreme, tunneled or gothic, your curved ceilings are sure to make a major statement.

You’ve probably seen curved ceilings in gothic churches or medieval castles. They add an architectural element that makes the space unique, but have you ever imagined a curved ceiling in your own home? Now, it’s time to get creative. You don’t have to be going for medieval, gothic or Romanesque in your home to incorporate a curved ceiling. Many modern designs make use of curves that contrast against stark corners. Tuscan architecture is also filled with curves – whether it be archways or ceilings. You don’t even have to classify your design. Who cares if it’s modern or medieval, as long as it’s exactly what you want. Maybe you saw something in a home and garden magazine, or maybe your designer sketched something on a piece of paper for you. Whatever it is, it’s uniquely yours. And, we can build it for you.

Let’s just take a quick look at some of the curved ceiling types.

Curvature to the extreme – The domed ceiling is the ultimate curve because it’s almost exactly half of a sphere, so it’s pretty extreme. It usually gets nestled into a standard ceiling and is frequently added to master bathrooms and entryways.

Tunnel vision – If you want to feel like you’re walking through a tunnel when you pass through the living room into the kitchen, you need a barrel vaulted ceiling installed in your hallway. Maybe it comes from romantic fables that take place in old Baroque castles, but there’s something alluring about this kind of curved ceiling. Barrel vaults are also used in media rooms because they help enhance sound quality.

Gothic palace inspiration – If you’re looking for the ultimate in opulence, look no further than the groin vaulted ceiling. This type of curved ceiling is made by intersecting barrel vaults, so it’s a little more complicated, but it’s also a little more impactful. Gothic vaults are great for adding interest to an otherwise boring hallway or entryway.

The most important thing to remember when designing your new space is that, even though we’re dealing with ceilings here, the sky is the limit. If you see a curved ceiling you like, but want to combine it with a standard ceiling, you can easily do so. All it takes is a little creativity and the right dimensions. If you can imagine a curve, we can make it become a reality for you.

The Curved Ceiling Appeal