How to build a barrel vault ceiling efficiently, affordably and perfectly

Building a barrel vault the traditional way requires a considerably amount of time and materials. Normally framers would take the better part of the day cutting out a radii on a piece of osb / plywood and use 2×4’s to block in the radius pieces of plywood to the desired length of the barrel. The problem with this is, it is not always perfect, affordable or efficient.

Think about it.

The construction industry is relying more and more on pre-manufactured components to help streamline the process of building a home, so it only makes sense to streamline the variety of arched ceilings as well. *Remember the days when you had to build your own floor joists? Talk about time consuming….

Well, we have done just that at Archways & Ceilings Made Easy. We have been manufacturing arched ceiling kits like barrel vaults, cove ceilings, groin vaults and domes since 1988 and have perfected our process.  We have taken a once difficult task and have simplified it. Not to mention, it has become more and more affordable then framing these applications on site.

Take a look at the video below and see for yourself.

Still on the fence? How about, check out our pricing online. Click this link to be taken to our barrel vault ceilings page and get an instant quote. I bet you will be amazed on how affordable we are! Trust me, if you give us a shot, I will guarantee we will change the way you build homes!