Half Gothic Groin Vault Arched Ceiling Kit

“If it is curved, we can make it!”

When it comes to creating the perfect arched ceiling detail, Archways & Ceilings is the answer. Our motto, “If it is curved, we can make it!” We have been making arched ceiling kits since the 1980’s and have come along way since the beginning. Our customers have the opportunity to create there own custom arched ceiling design.

The design may come from the builder’s plans, a scribble on a napkin or from a photograph a customer brought them but once they bring it to Archways And Ceilings we can bend the arched ceiling to their specifications and send it out as a simple kit that gets assembled on the jobsite.

Recently we had the opportunity to complete a custom arched ceiling design for Kennedy Construction. He wanted to have a series of half gothic groin vaults. I know, I know. What is a half gothic groin vault? Simple, a groin vault is when two barrel vaults intersect each other and gothic is the style. Still confused? Take a look at the below photo gallery.

From his design and his measurements he provided we were able to bend him a custom ceiling built specifically for his job. The half gothic groin vaults were shipped directly to the jobsite where his framers followed our simple instructions and nail the kit together.

Super Simple, Super Easy!

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