Build A Groin Ceiling For Your Foyer

One of the best places to incorporate a groin ceiling is in the entry way. Why? because it takes your standard cookie cutter entry way and transforms it into a beautiful foyer. I know what you are thinking, groin vaults are extremely hard to build on site and can cost a fortune. Well, not any more! Archways & Ceilings supplies prefabricated groin ceiling kits that will easily transform any living space into a work of art. If you can shoot a nail gun, then can install a groin vault. We make it super easy, super simple. Not to mention, our prices for groin ceilings are a steal! Don’t believe me? Then click Groin Vault Quote and get an instant quote and see for yourself.

Look how building a groin ceiling for this entry way transformed it into a sight that you only find in magazines!