Archways & Ceilings Versus Traditional Framing Lumber

Five things to consider and keep in mind when comparing my quote with traditional framing lumber.

1. The Archways & Ceilings product comes delivered ready to install to your jobsite, whereas as with traditional lumber, your framer and a helper would have to spend a good part of a day cutting out radii.

2. You can rest assured that the Archways & Ceilings product has a true radius.  You will not have to sweat out-of-round or crooked arches.  Your quality will be top notch.

3. The Archways & Ceilings product is preferred by drywallers over lumber framed barrels and archways.  Why? Our product provides a solid true radius backing, which means they spend less time have to smooth out crooked arches or repairing blown out framing.

4. Traditional lumber ages and moves with time, especially when considering the barrel, which results in hairline drywall cracks over time.  However, the Archways & Ceilings product is made of Grade “A” MDF which means that it will not move as the house ages.

5. Ask around! We do business with builders all over the United States and Canada. I am sure you find that we have a sterling reputation. We take pride in our work and stand behind it. If you aren’t happy, then neither are we.